Partner Questing: Addressing Concerns Isn’t Always a Call to Action

I talk a lot to people I have close relationships with, whether they be friends, romantic interests, or actual partners. The thing is, sometimes I talk to them because there is an issue which requires action. Example:  Daddy, I'm feeling like I need attention. Would you mind putting down your tablet and just talking to me about nothing for a little while? Obviously in … [Read more...]


As someone who has always heavily landed in the BDSM camp, I've eyed swingers with some dubious hesitation for a long time. My first experience was at a long-closed swingers club I went to not knowing what it was.  I had some couple try to pick me up, but I wasn't particularly open-minded about my bisexuality back then, and I politely danced my way through the evening solo.  I … [Read more...]

Negotiations With The New Girl

She'd bargained to let me watch, touch if I'd wanted. I had declined, prefering to get to know her a little better, and give her the first time with Daddy as a solo act.  I find sometimes more is not merrier when it comes to forging those first physical bonds. She slept between us that night.  I'd been glad to have her there, missing the feminine more than I'd realized.  … [Read more...]

Proper Communication

I think one of my biggest overall frustrations with communication in general is that it does not behave like a cookie cutter.  I can't just press my method of communication on someone else and have them conform to it instantly.  Communication is more like piping frosting.  It is delicate, malleable and starts as a big blob that need to adjust to the people who are utilizing it … [Read more...]

Data Collection

You may remember a while back that I wrote about the possible relationship between some of my childhood experiences and my desire as an adult to have a nurturing Dominant []. I created a survey with six questions.  I had dreamed of a thousand responses, but hoped for a hundred.  Unfortunately, I only … [Read more...]