Joining the Kink Community

Discovering the world of kink can be a fabulous and overwhelming experience. So where do you go? What do you do? This can be especially nerve wracking if you are coming in like I did - unpartnered and clueless. In my opinion Fetlife is the best way to find events in the scene. Most event coordinators will promote there whether or not they promote elsewhere. So the … [Read more...]

What is a Switch?

When someone tells you they identify as a Dominant or Master, submissive or slave - you have a pretty good idea what that means. But how about when someone tells you they're a switch? Well, it means you need to ask more questions. I often compare somebody that identifies as a switch to someone who identifies as bisexual. Now, before you get all upset, I understand that … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Hudsy Hawn

Dexx: You seem to have your hand in quite a lot of different projects and activities in the kink world. You have the Stockroom University and you’re well known for various TV appearances. I’d like to explore how you got into all of this kinky stuff in the first place. When did you first realize that you were kinky? Hudsy Hawn: I had no idea until I was getting a divorce and … [Read more...]

The Outsider

Large green fields. A huge bonfire. Adults and children playing, talking, eating, laughing. I say a few pleasantries to a few of the moms I know then focus on the needs of my children. Once they have had their fill of hot dogs, deviled eggs, and s'mores - they leave me to go play with their friends. I sit off to the side, writing these words in my Hello Kitty notebook (which … [Read more...]

Help! I’m kinky but my partner is not

This article is in response to the numerous questions we receive from readers on this very subject. Usually, the question goes: “Hello, I’m recently kinky (or have been for many years) but my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband is not. How can I get them interested in kink and BDSM?” There are a couple of ways to go about this, but first we have to get one thing out of the … [Read more...]