Happy Polydays!

Tis the season…For disaster? For long distance trips? Putting up with family members you only see once a year? No, not those things (though they don’t help), I mean the very hectic and stressful Polyday Season™. The time of the year where I consider just signing out of Google Calendar and letting it all go. But that’s not possible. Oh no, not with a polycule. We … [Read more...]

You suck! Energy Vampires!

We are all a bit more like than we like to admit. We all want the adventure, excitement, and fun that accompanies the best relationships. How do you do that if your romance is draining you instead of filling you up energetically? Have you felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and negatively impacted by thoughts of someone, in this case a partner, most of the day? It could be … [Read more...]

The Caliber Of A Fem(Dom)

I won’t bore you with the usual caution to not trust just anyone, no matter the size of their toybag. I will, however, share with you some things I’ve cultivated and strived for over the years to become what I consider, a Femdom of respectable caliber.  It varies greatly when we get to the specific types of dominants that are desired within the community. That’s why … [Read more...]

Less Labeling, More Talking

As humans we have an innate obsession with placing labels on everything, including ourselves. Labels help give people a false sense of order and a way to separate things. However, we aren’t things; we’re people first and heavily using labels to categorize people isn’t fair. It takes away the depth and complexity each of us hold within. It steers away from the notion that the … [Read more...]

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

One cheerleader dressed in pink. Check. One cheerleader dressed in blue? Check. One referee to oversea it all? I looked down at my own black and white striped outfit. Check. Everyone in pigtails? Double check. Now it was time to make some boys cry…one way or another. It was a humid, sticky day at kinky summer camp but with the rain just tampering off minutes … [Read more...]