Bottom Does Not Equal Housemaid

Last week, I went on a date with a very nice man I met on OKC. Toward the end of our date, he brought up how he’s having difficulty finding a submissive who will clean his house. They’ll come over to play and fuck, but don’t want to clean his house. I commiserated that I couldn’t find a bottom who was willing to come to my end of the subway line and carry my rolling backpack … [Read more...]


I get these messages all the time. Some random dude whose screen name I've never seen before sends me a pm out of the blue to say... "I want to serve you." Well that's nice.  There are a lot of ways I can respond to this. Often I tell them that they are too far away and there is not one single way in which they can serve me, since serving me means being physically … [Read more...]

Naughty Slaves In Master’s Bed

Mobi carried the breakfast tray up, opening the door without knocking and catching Arlyn with her fingers between her legs. “You should never have to do that yourself,” he teased, shutting the door. “But don’t stop on my account.” He placed the tray on the side table rather than on the bed this time. “What is that?” she asked of the cage around his cock. “It’s what … [Read more...]

The Truth About Your Privacy At Public Events

If you go to a munch, or other event, your privacy is assured. There was a writing I saw on a Fet site, of people getting all up in arms because someone attending a munch told other people in the restaurant what the group was about.  Seems people thought that a public munch, in a public restaurant, on a public street, somehow afforded them anonymity and personal … [Read more...]

Riding the Pole—Ties

“I think you need more of the attention I used to give you,” he said. “Far more of my hands before the satisfaction of my cock.” “That could be—” His hand strong over her mouth silenced her. “That required no response from you.” He felt her energy jolt and sizzle against his. A few words, a small action, and he had almost total control over her. His hands slid down … [Read more...]