New Organization Founded, Los Angeles Consent Summit

Los Angeles Consent Summit: A Coalition of Communities On Wed May 18th, the first Los Angeles Consent Summit took place at The Hilton LAX, in conjunction with DomCon. The basic concept began as a gathering of the many underground and alternative communities in LA, as represented by various leaders, venue owners, party throwers, and event coordinators. Rather than a lecture … [Read more...]

Top Ten Things I Learned at DomCon 2016

Now that DomCon is over, those of us that attended are kind of “bondaged-out.” So instead of offering my typical seven hundred word BDSM article, I thought it was time for a lighter take on the world of kink. Thus, “Top Ten Things I Learned At DomCon” -- a ridiculous, politically incorrect list that probably makes no sense. (Thanks to David Letterman – a Dom!) Feel free to add … [Read more...]

Who Has the Power

With DomCon Los Angeles coming up this week, I thought it enlightening to examine the basis of all D/s relationships – the “power exchange.” After all, if you are attending, you will see lots of Dommes – from professionals to lifestylers – in their fetish wear. Thus power exchanges will be front and center -- in your face, so to speak. And likely a vanilla or newbie friend of … [Read more...]