A Special Treat for Donna: Part 3

Click here for Part 1 Click here for Part 2 As we sat back and languidly sipped our drinks, a series of attractive young men summoned the courage to approach and ask to join us.  Madame had the ones she approved sit close to me so I could go to work on them. This was my night to be a bad girl without fear of provoking Madame.  I had full permission to flirt and tease … [Read more...]

A Special Treat for Donna: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 Madame went to her email to comb through the dozens of responses she had received.  The large majority were complete duds, of course. Some with no pics at all, some offering nothing but tiresome dick pics, or worst of all, those hairy waist-down panty boys.  Yuck. There were also the usual functional illiterates for whom spelling and … [Read more...]

A Special Treat for Donna: Part 1

I’d been a tad naughty during our evening on the town.  I drank too much Scotch and allowed my libido to slip its leash – sidling up to good-looking men, breathily whispering coy suggestions into their ears, brushing my fingers across their bulging crotches.  I eventually depleted Madame’s store of tolerance and she brought things to an abrupt halt, employing one of her … [Read more...]