The Initiation of Cora: Part 2

Click here for Part 1 As always, I was impressed by the size and elegance of the property. It wasn’t really a castle like in the fairy tales. It was more of a huge, sprawling farm built in the style of the late Nineteenth Century at the beginning of the Austrian imperial era. The building was square, with a sixty-by-eighty-meter inner courtyard. The courtyard was … [Read more...]

Ernest Greene and Nina Hartley Interview on The Truth About O

Slave Bunny: Can you tell us in your own words what the piece is about?   Ernest: What you're seeing here is a segment of a new book I'm writing, working title, The Truth About O, that is a collection of both personal experiences with the individuals involved and recollections of those who were members of one of Europe's actual existing societies of O. My contact there … [Read more...]

The Initiation of Cora: Part 1

The dark desire is made up of feelings we normally resist. It is an ambivalent and intense form of pleasure. And it is addicting.”  – Alexander, the Consigliere.”   This story is taken from my life. I have changed only names and locations for the protection of those who have meant so much to me. I hope to help the willing reader understand us all better. I recognize … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Nina Hartley

You may have caught our three part interview with "Master of O" author Ernest Greene in previous issues of Kink Weekly. We were lucky enough to also interview his "better half" sex educator and adult actress Nina Hartley. Dexx: So Nina, I gather that you are staunch advocate of porn and BDSM rights for people and sort of a spokesperson on those issues. What sort of lead … [Read more...]

Part Three: Interview with Author Ernest Greene, Master of O

You can read parts one and two here. Ernest Greene continues discussing how he cam to write his book, Master of O. Obviously, there was some interesting writing to be had on this subject, but I guess I kept on reading other kinds of BDSM fiction and I just wasn’t finding anything much that felt real. I would say Jean de Berg’s “The Image” had that feeling and right so, as … [Read more...]