Valentine’s in Vegas

  True to her word, Marcia did begin working out with me. She had no time to do so before going to work, so I would go in the mornings and work on my aerobics and swimming. Instead of walking on the treadmill, I was now able to do light jogging. On the bikes, I could now get between 15-20 miles in an hours time, depending on the program I set the bike on. I was working … [Read more...]

Erotica: Hot Remodel

My wife and I have a fun, adventurous sex life. We've both been with other partners and had a lot of fun in various groupings, but sometimes the best and hottest sex is just between the two of us. Last summer we took on a big project—remodeling our new house. She had always wanted a place out in the suburbs and the opportunity to pick up such a house at a reasonable price … [Read more...]

I Need To Please You…

I eagerly await the arrival of my Master!  I am wet, clit throbbing, anticipating my Master's needs!  I know you will use me, your slut, make my nipples and tits feel the pain of my submission to you.  My ass and my clit will also feel the pain/pleasure only you can provide for your submissive.  My nipples have been in the cylinders for a few minutes.  I leave them on awaiting  … [Read more...]

It’s Not About You! The Need to Be Revived.

‘It’s not about you…’ the words rolled painfully through her heart.  ‘It’s not about you failing me in any way. It’s not about you not loving me and showing me.’  Words she wanted to tell him but he had walked away. For whatever reason she was yet to figure out, he had walked away and disconnected. Both shunned any trappings of drama. Life had enough of its own organic drama … [Read more...]

The Red Chair ~ A Cuckold’s Story – Conclusion

Alexa had never been so completely consumed. Tyler pulled her mouth to his kissing her softly while his hands squeezed her lavish breasts and tugged at her hardened nipples. In a few strokes, she began to swell in wetness and find her rhythm.  Tyler swiftly wrapped his arms around her, turning her in a moment to her back.  Her body cried out to him, yearned for him and easily … [Read more...]