Event Review: Torture Garden, London

If you haven't heard of Torture Garden, they are an insanely popular/famous event group dedicated to bringing the best in BDSM, kink, and electronic events to London and the worldwide stage starting in the early 90's. I originally discovered them on Instagram a few years ago and have been lusting to attend one of their events ever since. Dexx and I recently found ourselves … [Read more...]

Event Review: Pandora Play Party, Sydney

I’ve just returned from the land down under. It was actually a dual trip stopping in New Zealand and then heading on to Australia. It was my first time in Australia but a repeat for New Zealand. You can read my review of some kink events I’d previously attended in New Zealand here. I knew being my first time in Australia I had to make the kinky most out of it! Luckily there was … [Read more...]

Event Review: Rockachic hosts My Kinky Valentine

On Saturday night I was fortunate to attend Rockachic's "My Kinky Valentine" play party in Los Angeles. There are many “underground” or less publicized events happening in Los Angeles, being that it’s such a huge market for kink and BDSM. Rockachic has been quietly producing events for some time now. Best known for providing models and costumes for Snctm events, in recent … [Read more...]

Event Review: Auckland Fetish Ball

It was more than we could have ever expected! Dexx and I found out there was an Auckland, New Zealand Fetish Ball and we just had to check it out while visiting the city. We'd attended a few other events in Auckland last year and knew there was a thriving Kiwi kink scene. This event, now in its 16th year proved to be as much fun and in some cases even better than the extremely … [Read more...]

Review: I Escaped Hell in the Armory

I’m afraid of the dark. Like, “won’t walk down the hallway in my own house without flipping on a light switch first” kind of afraid. The complications this brings about when it comes to hoods and blindfolds and other kinky crap is a story for another day! I also hate clowns – which makes this time of year particularly unnerving, especially when friends continuously send … [Read more...]