Girl Across The Bar

I lean into our kiss, pushing her gently against the wall of the room. Hands gliding slowly over her body. She's already moaning into my mouth. She puts her hands through my hair, grazes them over my breasts, my nipples hardening under her gentle touch. My mind flips to earlier when I watched her from across the hotel bar. Watched her closely as she took the glass and … [Read more...]

Surrendering To Her

“Ready” by Sir Render Original reference from Commissioned as an avatar piece I love it when you are blindfolded. Surrendering your vision to me is such a beautiful expression of your submission. There is nothing I find quite as appealing as knowing that you are there, wearing what I have chosen for you, unable to see what I am wearing … [Read more...]

Thank you Master

The curtains were pulled back just enough so the light of the moon bounced off her thin figure and perky breasts. A lavender candle flickered. A brunette with a pixie cut, Lila, walked slowly towards the busty, naked, hourglass shape sprawled out on the bed. Lila held the candle in her hand. Her emerald eyes were illuminated by the flame. She stopped at the edge of … [Read more...]