anniebear Learns to be a Dominatrix

A few weeks ago I attended a full weekend, three-day group immersion course on how to become a Dominatrix. The instructors, DommeCraft founder, Simone Justice and co-teacher Mistress Damiana Chi are experienced professional/lifestyle Dominatrices. We could not have been in better hands. If you haven’t heard of DommeCraft, consider it the university level training course for … [Read more...]

The Complete Mentoring Guide

This article can be filed under "controversial" and "opinion" because it falls into both categories. You can also file it under "important," because I think it is essential to objectively examine the practice of Dominants placing submissives "under their protection." Although we have covered the basics in our previous article, “What Is A Mentor?”, I thought a … [Read more...]

What is a mentor?

This article was one I had not planned to write. It really is not a fun topic; it is kind of dull and boring. Short of telling “this mentor walks into a bar” jokes, I cannot really make it interesting. Since my aim has always been to be fun to read, writing an article about mentors seems about as exciting as writing about great moments in hubcap history. But since this … [Read more...]