Setting the Scene

How to prepare for success and handle the occasional failure. You'd be a foolish person to assume that your scene will go 100% perfect every time. Sometimes a partner's headspace may not be in the right spot, maybe a toy breaks or you accidentally injure someone. These things happen and as responsible players, we know the risks associated with practicing BDSM. There are … [Read more...]


"Magnification." Now, what do I mean by that? It is not a term you will find in any Kink Weekly article. At least I don’t think so. Truth be told, it is not a BDSM term at all. But, it can add a lot to your BDSM play. Let me explain. What I imply by "magnification" is the process whereby a Dominant or submissive, by the use of selected pre-scene sequences, is able to amplify … [Read more...]

Make me Cry: Cathartic Scenes

One thing some male D-types have trouble with is shedding the mainstream societal expectation that a man should never strike a woman. In this community, so long as it’s consensual, it’s something sought after by many. I don’t mean to say that this issue isn’t possible for female D-types or male s-types, just that the male-hitting-female scenario has the more prevalent stigma. … [Read more...]