How to Host Your Own Play Party

You don't have to be an event planner extraordinaire in order to throw your own play party. With a little organization and preparation, you can gather your favorite folks together for a fun night of safe, kinky fun. The following tips will help you get started. Create a guest list You'll have to jot down a list of all the people you'd be interested in having over to your … [Read more...]

Review: The Decameron

Dexx and myself had the distinct pleasure of spending a lot of time at The Decameron a few weeks ago. Not only did we use the private dungeon space for a daytime photoshoot (stay tuned for the upcoming results) but we also had the distinct pleasure of attending their inaugural 1010 Party on, you guessed it, October 10th. The Decameron itself is very cozy and boutique located … [Read more...]