How Not To Be Afraid to Top

There was a huge shake-up within the NYC public scene late 2017 into early 2018. Some big names in the scene were accused of various consent violations, some of them several years old, one after the other. “Pillars” of the (gak) community, as it were. Long time educators and party/convention promoters went down in flames, one by one, almost overnight. The whole thing got very … [Read more...]

Sometimes I’m A Kitty Cat

I snuggled into my Daddy’s chest. Twirled his chest hair in my fingers. There’s so much I love about being with Daddy. Playing games, singing, being silly, taking cares of him (cause little ones know how to do that really good). Bedtime is when we would  talk most sweetly to each other; he made me feel so very safe. I could tell him anything that was in my head and he would … [Read more...]

This week in kink: October 1, 2018

Check out these awesome items that will help turn your bedroom into your own dungeon! Click here to view more Consensual same sex relations now legal in Trinidad and Tobago Click here to read more American Horror Story touches on BDSM and torture Click here to find out more Want to know more about corsets and waist … [Read more...]

Surrendering To Her

“Ready” by Sir Render Original reference from Commissioned as an avatar piece I love it when you are blindfolded. Surrendering your vision to me is such a beautiful expression of your submission. There is nothing I find quite as appealing as knowing that you are there, wearing what I have chosen for you, unable to see what I am wearing … [Read more...]

Review of Fresh Fetish

Recently, Fresh Fetish generously sent me two items: their heart-shaped leather paddle and stainless steel collar with leash. When I first opened the box I was immediately impressed by the look of their products. They looked polished, clean, and like they could be a lot of fun during play. I especially was intrigued with the leash attached to the collar. I felt that was a … [Read more...]