Video: Pretty In Kink

You may remember the photography from RicoJC featuring Ivy in a past issue. Here is the luscious video to go along with it. Photographer: RicoJC Model: Ivy Nirvana Pretty in Pink from RicoJC Model: Ivy Nirvana … [Read more...]

BDSM Pony Play

In classic BDSM, “pony play” is where the Dominant trains his submissive to act like a pony. Of course, in today’s BDSM world of blurred lines, there might not be any Dominance and submission involved. It could just be an exercise in training and execution. But since is a kink site, let’s take a look at classic BDSM pony play as a beautiful expression of prime … [Read more...]

anniebear Interviews Submissann

anniebear: It looks like you have your hands in a bunch of different groups and projects. You’re obviously very active within the community, specifically with the pony and critter play. And you also have written a few books on the subject as well. Could you elaborate on what the main focus of your time is right now? Submissann: Well, everyone has to make a living, so when … [Read more...]