anniebear Learns to be a Dominatrix

A few weeks ago I attended a full weekend, three-day group immersion course on how to become a Dominatrix. The instructors, DommeCraft founder, Simone Justice and co-teacher Mistress Damiana Chi are experienced professional/lifestyle Dominatrices. We could not have been in better hands. If you haven’t heard of DommeCraft, consider it the university level training course for … [Read more...]

BDSM Financial Domination: A How To

Financial Domination is one of the most popular and controversial forms of BDSM currently trending. Many are dubious of the legitimacy of this form of domination while some of the most popular BDSM news stories center around women raking in the cash with these techniques. One point that cannot be denied is that many people enjoy this form of consensual, financial domination. … [Read more...]