The Collar: Part One

Part I of this article is an overview of the traditional collaring practices in the BDSM lifestyle. Part II will be addressed to newbie subs who are uncollared. Part III will be BaadMaster’s “Seven Levels of Collaring” – a unique and modern take on how to integrate old guard traditions with new era needs. PART I – THE COLLAR One of the most enduring traditions in … [Read more...]

Five Aspects of BDSM We Forget

My timing is fortuitous for this article, it being the new year and all. Perhaps some of you can add these items to your list of new year resolutions. While I love the lifestyle and specifically the scene in LA, there are some key elements that are sometimes overlooked. In an effort to not make this a list of rants, I’ve tried to offer supportive advice for each item. Feel free … [Read more...]

Opinion: Taking Up the Mantle of Mastery

There is much debate in our community as to the use of the word Master. To some it is about describing their role in a power exchange relationship. To others it means that they have mastered a particular skill set or knowledge. Some even have a “kajira” classification for slaves - a term which is taken straight from the John Norman GOR novels where men are Masters and all women … [Read more...]

Baadmaster’s Guide to Public Play: Part One

As this is the party season, chances are you will be invited to at least one BSDM “play party.” In these types of gatherings, some couples perform BDSM scenes for everyone to see. Others just socialize. Play parties, besides being fun and instructive, are great for submissives who would find the “I have a private dungeon and don’t play in public” Fifty Shades type of Dominant … [Read more...]

Slave Contracts: Part Two

“A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it is written on.” Samuel Goldwyn. Last week, we presented two “slave contracts”; this week we will offer, as promised, some additional contracts. This group should fulfill all your “slave contract” needs. But first, some additional observations are in order. (You can skip this section and get to the contracts; no one is … [Read more...]