Fetishsexuality – Making the Case for Kink as Sexual-Identity: Part 2

www.voxart9.com For Part 1 Click Here Do You Have a Personal Erotic Myth That Drives Your Kink? In Part 1, I argued for the validity of Fetishsexuality as an authentic sexual identity. I proposed that each individual Fetishsexual has an inherent Personal Erotic Myth that drives their arousal. I base this theory, in great part, on the research data from over … [Read more...]

Fetishsexuality – Making the Case for Kink as Sexual-Identity: Part 1

www.voxart9.com A few weeks back Kink Weekly posted an announcement about the Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey. The focus was on the research analysis about to begin on the data from @4000 participants that have responded. It will be one of the largest Kink-focused research projects of its kind. I wanted to discuss here why this type of research can be … [Read more...]

One bottom’s Trigger is Another’s Therapy

BDSM play is done for many reasons from the bottom side of the slash. Catharsis, sexual fulfillment, a natural high, or plain old fun. Perhaps as a way to push personal limits and boundaries. Another reason people play is because it can be therapeutic. Either consciously or sub-consciously. Someone might use play in general (as opposed to a specific kind of play) to help … [Read more...]