Sometimes I’m A Kitty Cat

I snuggled into my Daddy’s chest. Twirled his chest hair in my fingers. There’s so much I love about being with Daddy. Playing games, singing, being silly, taking cares of him (cause little ones know how to do that really good). Bedtime is when we would  talk most sweetly to each other; he made me feel so very safe. I could tell him anything that was in my head and he would … [Read more...]

Being a Little and Its Healing Properties

Most people have things from the past that they are not over, and many of those things stem from childhood. Many of our parents didn’t give us what we needed most, and our basic needs were not met. Because of this, we go into adulthood with this hole in us that feels like it can never be filled or eradicated. Although it is very evident that we cannot change the past, it is … [Read more...]

Event Review: The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls

The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls opened its doors at North Hollywood’s BDSM club Lair de Sade last weekend for its Spring Session. New students flocked to their doors, with plaid skirts and sharpened pencils – ready for a day of learning and surely a bit of discipline. All students had previously registered online to ensure their admittance, read through and … [Read more...]

Taboo Role-Play

As many Kink Weekly readers already know, I am a marriage and family therapist. Part of becoming a licensed therapist is putting in 3,000 hours of client work before taking the exams. The hours must be a combination of individual, joint, family, group and kid therapy. Part of what made up my group hours was the 8 years I worked as a co-therapist for a group of sex offenders. … [Read more...]

Dom Wants to Submit

Often my articles are inspired by questions I receive regarding BDSM, D/s, relationships and all kinds of kink-related queries. (After all, this is KINK weekly!) One of the most intriguing questions I have been asked is the following one: “If my sincere desire is to be completely dominated, and I have a dominant personality outside the playroom, can my fantasy truly ever … [Read more...]