Mistress Cyan Holds “Slave Auction” Toy and Food Drive Press Release

Mistress Cyan Holds “Slave Auction” Toy and Food Drive Los Angeles, CA - Friday, December 8th, Mistress Cyan will be warming the holidays and a lot of butts with her annual “Slave Auction”  toy drive for charity. The party is a kinky take on the classic bachelor auction. Volunteers put themselves up for auction for the night. Those bringing in a new toy for children, … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Apricot Pitts

Dexx met with professional submissive Apricot Pitts at DomCon Los Angeles to discuss her experiences in the lifestyle and as a pro. Dexx: I really wanted to interview you because a lot of the people we interview are Doms or very experienced long time players. I’d love to hear the perspective of somebody that is both relatively new to the scene and also more on the … [Read more...]

anniebear: My Very First Play Party

It was March, 2014. I had been to a munch the previous week and was absolutely dying to go to an actual play party. I was working a dead end retail job at the time and was checking my Fetlife for events. Remember when Fetlife was shiny and new and you were on it every moment looking for messages?! One event popped up that piqued my interest; “Gentlemen In Charge, a high … [Read more...]