Interview with Mistress Eva

Mistress Eva- Please tell our readers a little about your experience in the Kink community. My interests were very much an introverted endeavour up until 2012. This is when I started training at the Salon Kitty’s dungeons to become a Pro Domme. It was here where I started to meet those with similar mindsets, and who encouraged me to … [Read more...]

This week in kink: May 28, 2018 This week we are featuring an amazing artist named Brian Vox. To check out more of his work click here About the Artist: Brian Vox has been creating art for more than 40 years. His work ranges from acrylic to digital paintings and thematically tend to revolve around pinup, surreal, and fetish. Several works include mixed media design with his trademark steel … [Read more...]

This week in kink: May 21, 2018

Mistress Eva with sub. Looking to be trained? Click here to learn more about Mistress Eva's World-Renowned Online Slave Training. Meet the kittens at Cat Girl Manor, and explore this oasis of fetishists who love kitten play. Click here to find out more. Click here to read more about Singapore's Secret BDSM … [Read more...]


Mistress Eva with sub. Check out more pictures at One of the most popular -- and exciting -- features of D/s is the training of a submissive by a Dom/me. Usually this entails the use of both positive and negative reinforcement – the negative side typically being punishment. I had covered the technical aspects of punishment in two previous … [Read more...]

Slave Training

No one becomes skilled at something without hard work and training. This goes for those in the Vanilla and Kink Community. The main difference between Kink and Vanilla training is that when done correctly Kink training is clearly defined, has a set goal (usually given by the D type), and is tracked throughout the training process. Training usually occurs for the betterment … [Read more...]