Easy – Son Lux

We recently stumbled across this music video while listening to music and researching awesome content for our photography and videography section. Had to share as the rigging and rope play in this video is just spectacular. Directed by: David Terry Fine. From the LP "Lanterns" by Son Lux. Rigging and Bondage by: Mack & Seraphine Youtube Channel: Joyful Noise … [Read more...]

Video: Kanso, Kiss of Rope

To me, this was a completely "swoon worthy" video. Sensual rope, talented rigger, models in subspace...I could watch it over and over. -anniebear Kiss of Rope from Kanso … [Read more...]

(Almost) Everything About Rope Bottoming

There is more to rope bottoming than just “hanging out and getting tied.” The styles of rigging vary from person to person as well as the broader stroke ideologies and “schools of thought” behind it. With all of this information out there, it can be difficult to disseminate what’s an absolute necessity and what is a preference. However in matters of safety, there are specific … [Read more...]

Video: Borg & Hellako Rope Spirit IV

I just adored this lovely and delicate suspension. The dynamic between these two is adorable. I hope you enjoy! -anniebear Borg & Hellako Rope Spirit IV from Hell.cz … [Read more...]

Video: Club

The way in which this rigger ties the model is incredible. He gives the illusion that she weighs almost nothing, floating in the air. Of course this is not the case but it is the sign of a true talent to be able to do so. Club from Nikita S … [Read more...]