What’s Your Kink?

Obviously, kinks are important; after all we are titled KINK Weekly! So, let’s look at the world of kink! “Kink” (dictionary.com): bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior I do not work for the NBC Poll. But, I would bet that most people have sexual and/or play kinks. In the so-called vanilla world, they are usually viewed in a negative way. As a result, … [Read more...]

Pushing a Dynamic

This, like most of my articles, is for both sides of the slash. Let’s start with what you hear of more commonly. The D-type pushing boundaries or pressuring an s-type, especially the newbies, to act as if they are in a power exchange dynamic. So all you s-types listen up: Just because you’re AN s-type, doesn’t mean you’re HIS or HER s-type! If you haven’t heard this before, … [Read more...]

Baadmaster’s Guide to Public Play: Part One

As this is the party season, chances are you will be invited to at least one BSDM “play party.” In these types of gatherings, some couples perform BDSM scenes for everyone to see. Others just socialize. Play parties, besides being fun and instructive, are great for submissives who would find the “I have a private dungeon and don’t play in public” Fifty Shades type of Dominant … [Read more...]

Subspace and Subdrop

Subspace is something you hear about all the time in the scene. If you haven't experienced it, then it may be this elusive wonderment of mind altering amazingness. If you have experienced it, then you know it can take different forms. It may be a simple state of relaxation, almost meditative, to a feeling compared to an out of body experience. One thing is important to keep … [Read more...]

Opinion: Some Thoughts on BDSM, Esoteric Spirituality, and Essential Guilt

Although I've been kinky my entire adult life, I've been involved in the lifestyle for about a dozen years. I've actively pursued an esoteric spiritual/religious path for at least twice that long, and these two pursuits have never been in conflict. On the contrary, my spiritual impulse has not only informed my ideas about life, it's also deepened my personal relationships, my … [Read more...]