When A Dom Is Down

So many people see Dom’s (I use this term to cover generally all of the Top persuasion) as indestructible men and women who have total control over everything they do and that nothing can get to them. Yet in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. At the end of the day Dom’s are only human too. The same things that can bring down ‘normal’ people, can have just as much … [Read more...]

Be Aware When Your Sub Spaces Hard

Photo by slave boy julia (sjstudio1.com) As a Dom, you’re looked at and expected to always be in control no matter what, and that you’re managing everything within a scene. It’s a lot of hard work as many will acknowledge. I know a couple of Sub’s, my FunUnicorn included, who after being allowed to top for a few hours/a night promptly gave that control straight back with … [Read more...]