This week in kink, August 22nd, 2016

Worldwide: Here’s an article in support of teaching young people about BDSM during sex education to better inform them about the issues surrounding consent. This piece actually makes a pretty compelling argument citing a recent study conducted by psychology researcher Kathryn Klement. What do you think?

tara 2

United States: In the wake of this crazy election, we have one more candidate to throw in the ring! Professional Dominatrix Tara Indiana is running for president! She is a major frontrunner in my opinion, her campaign slogan being, “Whipping American back into shape, one middle aged white man at a time.” Friday, August 26th is her campaign gala and birthday! Details here. You can hear more about her important issues and campaign platform here. We’ll be reporting regularly on Miss Indiana from the campaign trail including details about her mission to mail Donald Trump 1000 dildos. Kepp a look out for details as well as an exclusive interview next week!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We hosted a small rope class at my house on Sunday. Crocoduck came over and guided us through some preliminary ties. It was a wonderful time with a few close friends who weren’t worried about taking themselves too seriously. Myself and anniebear will be heading off to Burning Man next week! We hear there is quite the kinky presence and we look forward to making new friends. If you’re attending, please contact us as we’d love to meet you!


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  1. It is a great idea. But just like legalizing marijuana, much of America is not ready for it.

  2. #WhipTheVote! We in Bonoboville are simply ape for Tara Indiana!


  3. haha yes!!! Dominatrix to rule them all!

  4. Neilias_Elision says:

    In a fifty shades steeped culture(as awful as that is) it would be far better to teach our children the difference between abuse and kink. For my part when my three children reach the age if sexual curiosity I plan to reach them in a similar fashion.

    For general consumption however the biggest hurdles I see are where to get credible educators and that nagging “wall of religious shame”.

    I can just see it now, the DARE van pulls away from the school just as the KINK wagon rolls up and slaves begin unpacking a hybrid suspention rig/st. Andrews cross

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