This week in kink: July 23, 2018


It’s that time of year! Sharpen your pencils, prep your binders, and join us for a day of fun as we go BACK TO SCHOOL!

We’re excited to offer an educational event geared towards anyone in the community who identifies with submissive/s-type roles or is curious to learn more about what that side of the power exchange slash experiences.

We’ll be offering 6 classes, 2 crafts, 3 custom baskets, munchies to keep you going, and more!

Join us for the FIRST of a recurring series of education events organized and offered by the dynamic trio: Jenn, Slave Bunny, and Birdy. Our Back to School camp encourages attendees to explore submission and s-type roles through gratitude, service, and self-care.


Ever wonder what it means to be a bottom or submissive when it comes to lesbian sex?

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Kasandra Brabaw shares 9 bondage tips for beginners

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More and more people are becoming advocates of schools teaching consent to students. There is a popular debate going on right now about this

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  1. submissivesoul says:

    I so want to go to the submissive camp event!

  2. masodreamer says:

    I think kids should be taught about consent once they are out of grade school for sure.

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