This week in kink, July 25th, 2016


London: Piggybacking on a previous article we featured a few weeks ago, feminist pornography producer Pandora Blake is back again. This time she is helping reshape the way the general population views “taboo” fantasies such as spanking and rape play. Thanks again in part to The Guardian who seems to be featuring more and more BDSM oriented news these days.

Worldwide: Recently Fetlife, the most popular social network for kinky people was no longer accepting new members. While the specific reasons were not clear, some speculate that Fetlife was under attack from spammers and those wishing to sabotage the beloved websites efforts. As of this week, things are back up and running as usual. We hope that Fetlife is able to maintain their popular service.

Worldwide: The debate rages on; does going to see a Dominatrix count as cheating? I personally believe in mutual consent in any type of relationship but what about a nonsexual play scene? This interesting read discusses both sides of the coin.

New York: This is a really great photo spread and read of a Dominatrix and her client. I enjoyed the insight she gives on her journey becoming and coming to terms with domination.

Cíao from Italy! I’m wrapping up my trip this week with anniebear and heading back stateside. I’m excited about this week’s sexy video from Kinbaku Tanto. I could get lost for hours in his intricate rope videos.

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  1. I lived in Italy for a year…my fave Euro country…you might do a piece on BDSM in Italy…I could not find any but that was back in the day. That is why I went there with my slave at the time. As, I noticed you did too.

    Time for an article on your Roman adventure! Ciao!

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