This week in kink, March 13th, 2017

I really enjoyed this piece from featuring our original bid for President, Mistress Tara Indiana. It points out that the BDSM community has not encountered the same back-stepping that mainstream relationships have encountered in terms of misogyny. I’m happy to see that Tara is still getting attention from her ambitious campaign.

This man went to great lengths to make his BDSM styled outfits. Michael Lynch shipped 800 knuckle dusters to the UK where they were naturally flagged by customs. Apparently this weapon is illegal in the UK. He claims he intended to sew them into BDSM clothing but he was arrested and sentenced for the “crime.” Too bad we’ll never be able to see the finished product!

Filmmaker Ovidie

Filmmaker Ovidie

A fascinating interview with former French adult actress Ovidie on her recent documentary Pornocracy. She touches on many of the factors plaguing BDSM today including misrepresentation in pornography, wrongful “normalization” of BDSM acts in vanilla sex, and more.

We are back from our trip to Australia and New Zealand. anniebear offers a glimpse into the scene in Australia in this week’s issue. We get back to our roots with an article on safety from Baadmaster!


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  1. bob rich says:

    great doc-pornocrocy

  2. Knuckle dusters!

    Come on those are brass knuckles and only an idiot would not know that at first glance. His claim that he thought they were buckles does not hold water. Just because someone claims they bought something for kinky reasons does not make it true.

    Unless there is a lot not in the linked article this is someone trying to use us, not one of us being harassed.

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