This week in kink, March 19, 2018

Ever wondered what sex toys were popular across the United States? Well wonder no more because this site has got the answer! You might be surprised by what ranks the most popular in your state. Check out the map here.

Fair warning, this article may continue triggers so click through to this link at your own risk. For many pain is a very private experience, while others enjoy reveling in it in a public forum. This particular artist enjoys the brutality of it all and pushes boundaries that many may find make them squeamish and uneasy. From needles to peeling, this article delves into a much deeper and brutal side of BDSM.

Now to lighten up the subject matter again, here’s a list of 10 movies that are must-see flicks that feature BDSM. Check the list out here. You might be surprised about what you find on the list…or maybe you won’t. Don’t worry, this list DOES NOT include the Fifty Shades trilogy. You’re safe 😉


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  1. wetnwild says:

    Thanks for the movie list! I’m excited to begin watching these.

  2. edgeofdoom says:

    Wow very intense stuff! I was not aware there were such extreme forms of BDSM. Thanks for sharing.

  3. bruisedsoul says:

    I agree! I find it really cool, but would never try it myself.

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