This week in kink, May 7, 2018

Check out the on-going debate about consensual sadomasochism vs. violence and how our legal system handles such things. Click here to read more.


San Francisco votes to recognize its Gay Fetish Leather District. Click here to find out more.


Be sure to check out DomCon this weekend if you are in Los Angeles. Click here to check it out.


Academia submits its final report for Consensual Relationships Policy. Click here to read more.

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  1. kilted90 says:

    So happy for San Fran! It’s about time!

  2. OlderMaster says:

    Particularly in light of the resignation this week of former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman due to allegations of physical abuse by numerous sexual partners, I appreciated the link to the legal gloss on consensual S/M behavior vs. violence. I wonder if we have arrived at the point where every consensual interaction between adult BDSM and D/s adherents needs to be contractually spelled out in black and white before any actual activity happens. Otherwise isn’t any activity on the BDSM spectrum a my-word-against-yours situation in the event that someone levels an accusation at another of carrying things too far?

    • mastery101 says:

      Unfortunately, we now live in a world where people will take you the court over anything. With this being said, you can never be too careful.

      I think contracts are always a good idea. But if you can’t trust someone that you are going to play with, I wouldn’t play with them. Find someone else that isn’t going to make you worry that your butt is going to be on the line. Because even with a contract, some people will still try to make it a legal matter, even if you had a written agreement and did nothing wrong.

      Some people are just out to get others.

  3. kinksalot says:

    Love this section! Keeps me up to date

    • mastery101 states: “Unfortunately, we now live in a world where people will take you the court over anything. With this being said, you can never be too careful…” I agree.

      I had written about necessary addendums to the traditional “slave contacts” here:

      To quote myself, here are my suggestions (excerpted from the article) to add to a slave contract:

      “4. The slave, at any time, can use the following words to stop all play at any time for any reason: “No” (preferred), “Stop,” or “Red.” (A safe signal should also be agreed to and enumerated.)
      5. The slave hereby reaffirms that he/she has entered into this agreement voluntarily and all interactions performed here are completely consensual.
      6. The Master/Mistress hereby confirms that the slave is free to leave or abrogate this agreement at any time and for any reason.”

      These addendums, though not offering ironclad protection, establish that you accept and obey all safety protocols. I would also use your cellphone camera and have the submissive state that all play is consensual. Even if you are not entering into a slave contract, these three affirmations are the minimal requirement to protect yourslef.

      We do live in ultra-letigious times where there are more lawsuits than suits in a Men Wearhouse. You can never be too careful.

      Although my original article was written in consultation with a lawyer, it contains a disclaimer that it is not legal advice. In fact, in this fast changing world where every Tom. Dick and Harry is using BDSM as an excuse for their un-BDSM behavior, I will be preparing a more formal article on necessary safeguards in these crazy times.

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