This week in kink news, March 20th, 2017

The Leather contests are in full swing. Southern Nevada is having their preliminary contest March 23rd and 24th. If you don’t know much about leather it’s a fascinating facet of the BDSM community. We have a past writing by Frederick M you can check out which explains it more. Good luck to all of the contestants in the leather contests happening nationwide.


DommeCraft has announced it’s 2017 class schedule. Mistress Simone Justice and Mistress Damiana Chi continue their DommeCraft series of successful BDSM classes for the Lifestyle or Professional Female Dominant with emphasis on Psychological and Verbal Skills. Space is still available for those who are interested.

There seems to be a bit of drama out of Portland regarding a kinky cafe space and it seems it’s the Portland community that will be losing out on what could have potentially been a great event and education space. Read the full story here.


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