This week in kink, November 7th, 2016

We’ve been providing a plethora of articles that give evidence to BDSM making people more open, aware, and generally mindful in their lives. Here is yet another compelling argument stating that kinky sex can actually make you a more creative person. We don;t mind the accolades one bit. Take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think int he comments.

Los Angeles: The annual Thanksgiving Slave Auction hosted by Mistress Cyan and Sanctuary Studios is this Saturday in Los Angeles. This yearly event shows a strong effort in raising food donations for families in need and also hosting a lighthearted auction for folks to bid on people. RSVP here.

Some more cringeworthy tid-bits on Donald Trump. Apparently he “wrote” BDSM-centric novel back in 2012. While not widely published, some managed to get their hands on a copy and as you can imagine the reaction was not positive. You can also obtain a copy from Amazon, which I will not be linking here.


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  1. Brend-lee says:

    i can’t believe that asshole won. at least the condoms law didn’t go through. thank goodness for small favors

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