This week in kink, September 25th, 2017

A fascinating read on a pair of pioneers in the BDSM lifestyle. Living in San Francisco, they continue their work and teachings. Read their full story from the San Francisco Chronicle.

An Irish bar is under fire for an “aesthetically vile” sign that has been in place since 2013. When I read the article headline I was expecting the sign to have nudity or offensive language. The simple marquee sign in large black lettering simply says “BDSM”-paying homage to the name of the bar. The bar owner is taking it in stride, however.

The Story of L and spin off from The Story of O gets a second life with its 2017 re-release. The story follows a lesbian plot line as a woman goes from Dominant to submissive.

Read about China’s leading expert in BDSM. She’s not what you would “expect”.

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  1. nice trip around the globe in this week’s installment

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