This week in kink, December 18, 2017

Christmas is the time for spankings! We stumbled across this article that showcases a fabulous gallery of spanking. Click here to see 74 Pics of Xmas Spankings at the Tom of Finland House. Here is one of our favs as a teaser. Hot!


Could free online porn be a victim of the Net Neutrality? Its not surprising that there has been a huge uproar lately about this much debated topic. In this article, we learn more about how our free online porn could be affected and that’s just not cool. They even discuss how our free porn may become vanilla and boring. Sounds awful! Read about it here.

When BDSM and Kink go wrong. We wanted to share this article because it brings up some very interesting scenarios here.  The accused man here is being accused of sexual assault although there are text messages that seem to back up their involvement in a BDSM style relationship. Additionally he was accused a second time for a consent violation later in the year. Is he guilty? Click here to read the story.

What is it about spanking that gets some people off? In this person’s account, it’s not the actual act of spanking that gets a rise out of them, in fact, it has more to do with the affect it has on their partner. A very interesting read about how this author came to the realization of why they enjoy spanking. Click here to read it.

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