BDSM Pony Play

In classic BDSM, “pony play” is where the Dominant trains his submissive to act like a pony. Of course, in today’s BDSM world of blurred lines, there might not be any Dominance and submission involved. It could just be an exercise in training and execution. But since is a kink site, let’s take a look at classic BDSM pony play as a beautiful expression of prime … [Read more...]

Practical Slave Positions

This article is meant to be a starting point or template for slave training and positions. If you are in a D/s, power exchange relationship, slave positions are a great element to add to the submissive headspace. I use the term “slave” interchangeably with submissive, bottom, etc. As your relationship evolves, so too will your slave positions. Everyone has different needs … [Read more...]