Who Let The Dogs Out?

Who do you blame when a dog escapes from a garden? The dog? Perhaps it burrowed under the fence, ran amok for the day while you are at work? Where do you direct your anger upon returning home, discovering mud tracked through the house, feathers from a pilfered bedroom pillow spilt over the living room? Do you blame the dog for following its nature, or yourself for not taking … [Read more...]

The importance of begging

Begging you There is an undeniable rush when someone is kneeling before you. A steady flow of begging, pleading, beseeching tumbling from their lips. Great, big, imploring eyes looking up at you helplessly. But none of this matters if it isn't real! I want to see genuine fear, regret and helplessness mixed on that face. I want them to mean it when they beg me, not play act, … [Read more...]

Know Them By Their Deeds

There is an undeniable power of reputation on the scene. We judge people not just on their appearance, skills and huge collection of toys, but also their reputation. What do people say, what stories have they heard, have they performed at an event, given a demo? Some of us will seek out a play partner entirely based upon their reputation. If you are chatting to friends who … [Read more...]

Obedience vs. Understanding

My girl has the same set bedtime ritual; place clothes in laundry basket, remove make-up, wash face, brush teeth, crawl on her knees to the bed, have a chain padlocked onto her collar for the night...You know, normal bedtime stuff. Over the length of our relationship more and more rules have been brought into our ongoing dynamic. The rules started with small things, easy to … [Read more...]

Brat Attack

My partner can be a bit of a brat. She talks back, gives grief, teases, pokes, but only to her friends, and certainly not with me. Oh no! She certainly isn’t a brat with me. She has learnt not to do that. Some of our kinky friends will look plaintively at me when she is ripping them a new one, seeking some sort of dominant solidarity, imploring me to make her stop, others will … [Read more...]