I Want To Go To A Sex Party…but…

Now and then, a woman says to me that they want to go to a sex party, but she’s afraid to. She’s afraid of being pounced on the second she walks in the door. She’s afraid of being assaulted, not being in control of the situation. January 2018, I attended a sex party for the first time. I had left my husband, my dom, my Master. Two weeks later, I took myself to a Roman … [Read more...]

You suck! Energy Vampires!

We are all a bit more like than we like to admit. We all want the adventure, excitement, and fun that accompanies the best relationships. How do you do that if your romance is draining you instead of filling you up energetically? Have you felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and negatively impacted by thoughts of someone, in this case a partner, most of the day? It could be … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: Chapter 6 The Hunt, part 1

We pulled up to a cabin, a nice size, that I will come to find out had five bedrooms. Master parked the car, walked over to the passenger side of the car and open the doors for cupcake and I. She sat up front, which I didn’t mind, as the large backset allowed me to rest on our two hour drive up. Master kissed each one of us on the forehead. The cabin was set back from the … [Read more...]

Partner Questing: Addressing Concerns Isn’t Always a Call to Action

I talk a lot to people I have close relationships with, whether they be friends, romantic interests, or actual partners. The thing is, sometimes I talk to them because there is an issue which requires action. Example:  Daddy, I'm feeling like I need attention. Would you mind putting down your tablet and just talking to me about nothing for a little while? Obviously in … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: December 2, 2019

Learn how to have amazing sex with an air sign Click here to find out more Learn how BDSM is helping to empower women! Click here to read more Check out this awesome article about pet play Click here to find out more Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about any upcoming BDSM events, new products, dungeon openings / closings, … [Read more...]