Body Mods and Suspensions

From time to time, I will answer questions that I think are important to answer. Here is one of them: “I am a newbie and recently went to the Folsom Street Fair. I saw a group of “performers” doing all sorts of body pain-related acts -- like stapling things to themselves, putting needles through their cheeks and flesh hook suspensions. But it made me wonder: What does this … [Read more...]

My First Public BDSM Scene

If you asked me that morning, while I sipped my coffee, if I thought I was going to have the confidence to strip down to nothing but my heels and a sly smile, I would have laughed it off as though you were crazy. I had no idea that this night would be the night that I would stand fully naked and bare in front of a room full of people doing things I had only done in secret … [Read more...]

FIRE PLAY: The Submissive’s Beginner Guide

This article is a beginners guide to fire play and is addressed to the submissive. But before we can begin, it is “small print disclaimer” time. (The disclaimer: Fire play is one of the most dangerous types of BDSM play. It should not be attempted without a skilled Top who is experienced in the art. Simply reading about it will not be sufficient. Thus, this article is simply … [Read more...]

Chris Cornell and Auto-erotic Asphyxiation

A note from the editor: Auto-erotic asphyxiation or breath play is in our opinion a form of edge play and should be used with caution. Please seek the mentorship of someone experienced in this type of play before attempting on your own. Kinkshaming kills, folks. A lot of suicides via "hanging" are in fact auto-erotic asphyxiation gone awry, especially in teenage years or … [Read more...]

BDSM Water Sports

We here at strive to present all forms of BDSM, D/s play and kink. If water sports isn’t your cup of tea, then you should “wait ‘til next week” -- to paraphrase a sports adage. Water sports – or golden showers (commonly abbreviated g.s.) – is defined as playing with pee. It can be peeing on or in the submissive, making the submissive drink pee or any other … [Read more...]