Package From Sir

Garnet + Guard: Cuffs Ready  [Photography by AV + Domina Mara] The doorbell rang, just as I was sitting down on the couch to finally read my book. I had been looking forward to it all morning. I had stayed up late the night before, balancing my phone between my breasts and my chin, using the bright screen as a book light. I read anxiously for hours about who killed who. … [Read more...]

How To Give A Spanking

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This week in kink: July 16, 2018

Check out Danny Stygion's limited print edition photo book, Dominatrices. Dominatrices collects images of 19 Dominatrices over a ten year period. Dressed in various fetish clothing, the Dommes are photographed against Dungeon locations, hotel rooms, and elegant interior settings. There is a mixture of film and continuous lighting techniques contrasted with digital and off … [Read more...]

The Top Five Myths About BDSM

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How To Find The Right Partner

Many of us, if we haven’t already, would like to meet a real life BDSM partner. Even “Helicopter Hank” (my nickname for “Fifty Shades” Christian Grey) partnered up. But what is the best way to “partner up?” Here are some of my thoughts regarding this subject. First off, if you are a submissive, you must know that there is a fundamental difference between “the need to serve” … [Read more...]