Different Levels of Protocol

I’ve written before about protocol – but this article is to go into the subject a little further.  I want to talk about different levels of protocol.  Low (or everyday) protocol, medium protocol, and high protocol.  Keep in mind that one person’s “medium” can be another person’s “high” or someone else’s “low”. Also, some D/s relationships may choose to maintain medium or high … [Read more...]

I Won’t Do That!

From time to time I answer questions here that I find intriguing. Here is one of them, asked by a female submissive: “I met a Dom on the Internet. He is awesome. But he is very high protocol. At first I liked all aspects of it. I am now starting find it too confining and am beginning to dread the all-encompassing aspects of it. One more ritual and I think I will lose it. I … [Read more...]

Old Guard vs. New Guard II

Read Part One here. As we approach our panel discussion, “Old Guard vs. New Guard,” that will be presented at DomCon LA, May 20th at 4:30 PM (Dexx will participate, so mark your calendar), I would like to review what the basic precepts are for both groups. As with any analysis of cultural traditions, there are many forms of each group. For example, there are the original … [Read more...]

Old Guard vs. New Guard

With the entrance of millions of new “Fifty Shades Lifestylers” into our world, the classic Dom/me/sub scripts have been turned upside down. Thus, I would like to offer to the newest members of our community some advice that takes into account this new reality. No, I will not offer “helicopter etiquette” nor “how to skipper your Master’s yacht.” But, like it or not, the Old … [Read more...]

The Collar: Part Two

Our first article covered both the history and the current traditions with respect to collaring. This article is meant primarily for newbie submissives who have yet to be collared. (As a newbie, you should also read “Predator Dommes” here on Kink Weekly.) Once warned about the pitfalls of being a submissive in the cold, cruel world out there, this article is meant to help … [Read more...]